Industrial Automation1 England

The new Carlex installation in the factory of Zeelandia H.J.Doeleman in Zierikzee (in the South West of the Netherlands was full automated in 1999 by CMG Thijsen. At the moment, this Zeeland Company is producing Approx 2000 articles, wich is the fullrange of products used by profesional bread and pastrybakeries all over the world. Zeelandia was founded in 1900 and has a rich entrepreuria I history, wich is continuing to evolve.

The operator is pivotal

The policy within Zeelandia, concerning automation, is intentional, accoring to  Johan Bin, the former head of the Technical Departement. It is important to get the right balance. The basic rule is that good process automation is in balance with production then you have return on your investment. Overautomation leads to dependence on specialist knowledge. The philosophy at Zeelandia is that the operator has full responsibility which, as the pivoman, is his alone. Autoation must fully support and complement the work of the operator. Besides investing in automation you also have to invest your employees. For instance by giving him good training. Automation often leads to change in working procedures; The impact that this change in culture has on the employees can be enormous. Especially if the group is very tightly knit.Zeelandia and CMG Thijsen have had a busines relationship since the 1960’s wich is founded from just any old company,  altought on paper, some of the bids might look attractive but more often than not they turn out tob e false economy. Thereliable companies collect information bout your process procedures and howwel these are working so their bids are carrefully calculated. We have had positive experiens with Thijsen which means That  thanks to good comunucation we get exacty what we want I.e.a good and reliable product


Over the last few years diffrent production lines have been automated. It is nice to see that the different systems give a good picture of the develpoement over the last 35 years. Diverse production operating systems come from CMG Thijsen. The firts was implemented in 1965 to the Carlo equipment, a release agent,already produced and exportedto 60 countries.In 1999 the day after  Easter, Zeelandia started up the new production line for  Carlex, a more modern version of the release agent. Ther is agreat difference between the operating sytems. The operatingsystems from the Carlo worked with r elay techniques: a mechanical rolling process. In those days it was cutting-edge technology and oneman could operate it 35 years ont the system is still running and, apart from a few problems with the measurement and control components, is running at minimal expense